Rasilbek Estemesov

Kazakh contemporary art:

Rahul ESTEMESOV is one talented artist from Kazakhstan.

His artwork creatively interprets history and modernity of his country and gives us the opportunity to discover the world of Central Asia.

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Colored pen drawing

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Colored pen drawing

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Colored pen drawing






In 2023, November, Galaxy Art exhibits the colored pen drawing « The Bird of Happiness »/ »L’Oiseau du Bonheur » by Rasilbek ESTEMESOV at Le Salon International du Portrait:

2023 November 24th-26th
Bastille Design Center
74, bd Richard Lenoir 75011 PARIS

Rasilbek Estemesov is a Kazakh artist, sculptor, graphic illustrator who lives currently in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan.

He was born in 1953 and spent his childhood in a country near Tulkibas, South Kazakhstan.

He began his study of art at Almaty N. V. Gogol Art School and graduated from this school in 1975. 

His works display an interest in surrealistic automatism and he practices automatic drawing artistic style. His artistic works is done without any preparation and his hands dance automatically across the paper and create unbelievable unique masterpieces.

Rasilbek’s work is remarkable for its variety, including paintings, drawings; work with colored pens, clay and tapestries.

He believes in unison of human beings and other species in the Universe and this was visually reflected in his artistic works. His work “Law of Prosperity” can be characterized as the concept of visualization of DNA code. This concept is not to be easily understood by human beings, but Rasilbek managed to perceive and visually reflected the presence and coexistence of humans and other specious in us.

Our ancestors knew that a duality like ancient primitive animal instincts which is not accessible to our conscious memory and a relatively young human intelligence was installed in human beings. 

The legends and myths describe the ancestors and guardians of a clan or tribe as animals, plants, objects or natural phenomena.

Ancient shamanistic legends tell about the power of heaven, fire, water, earth, fantastic birds, blue she-wolves, magic horses, deer, turtles, camels, cats, snakes and much more.

In ancient times, the objects depicting the Totem Ancestors in the form of talisman were kept in every Turks tribe’s shelters. 

Probably, it was always not easy to find ways of peaceful cooperation between these two opposing internal forces – the conscious and subconscious, but it was worth living well, abundantly, protecting yourself, your loved ones from punishment for mistreating them. Ancient people believed in everything around us have consciousness, everything in nature is living thing, rational and we are all interconnected.

This respectful attitude towards reality surrounding a person is reflected in our national traditions, caring and protecting the earth, respecting elders, generosity, mutual aid, hospitality, desire for knowledge, and being aware of the interdependence of everything in the Universe. 

Modern scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics, genetics, microbiology, neurology prove that all these traditions are reasonable, and relied on the real laws of nature. People observed life, noticed its laws, made conclusions and applied them in the form of moral and ethical standards, and religious principles.

So, Rasilbek visualizes his subconsciousness and his ancestor’s life experiences and turned them into lines, graphical fragments and recognizable symbols.

He has been joined to the Artists Union, Designers Union, Designers Union Presidium of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997, and Chairman of the Federation of Designers of the South Kazakhstan since 1997. 

In 2007, Rasilbek has held Individual Exhibition, titled 

“The Birth Land” at Shezhire Gallery in Astana, also joined Group Exhibitions from 1980 to 2018. 

Participated in all Group and Sole Exhibitions in Moscow, Yerevan, Yalta, and Bender in 1981 and 1982. 

In 1986, Rasilbek participated in the International Exhibition which was held 

In Cannes, France where one of his masterpieces a stitched colorful felt carpet titled “Martial Arts” was purchased, and is placed and displayed in the Art Museum.

He is the head of “Sura” LLC, since 1995;

In 2006, the tapestry titled “Earth and Sky” was bought by the “A. Kasteev State Museum of Art of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” 

In 2007, the statue « Tasbaka zholy » –“ A Turtle Track” was installed in the downtown of Shymkent;

In 2009, the statue of « Camel » is placed in the downtown of Ust-Kamenogorsk;

The colorful felt carpet with Kazakh traditional ornaments titled « Shepherd » by Rasilbek was purchased by the Artists Union of Kazakhstan;

In 2011, an article was written about Rasilbek’s works by the candidate of art criticism H. Turuspekova and published in the Golden Book on applied art of Kazakhstan;

In 2011, an article titled “Fantastic World of Tapestries” devoted to Rasilbek’s works and life was published in the Tengri magazine dated July 4 (33).

In 2012 he became the winner of various competitions, including the contest « Kut Mekenim – South » – “My Homeland-South” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of South-Kazakhstan;

On June 20, 2012, at the regional museum Rasilbek has held a personal exhibition titled « The Bird of Happiness « ;

In 2015, the chairman of the selection committee for young artists’ masterpieces which is organized the Festival under the auspices of UNESCO « Children are painting the world.

In 2016 the catalog « Magic threads » was published. A Catalog contains textile, graphic, monumental, sculptural contributions of fine art, which reflects the artistic creativity of the artist;

In 2017, a folktale titled “The Bird of Happiness » was written on Rasilbek’s graphic illustrations. The moral of this children’s book is the importance of training kids to do chores, having strong friendship, loyalty, prudence, attitudes towards parents, being aware of the national traditions, and culture, and the ethical code of conduct. It is expected to get published.

In 2018 he was awarded « Kurmet » – “Respect” Medal of the Republic of Kazakhstan

He also won the « Kazakh Artist » Medal. 

In 2023, November, Galaxy Art exhibits the colored pen drawing « The Bird of Happiness »/ »L’Oiseau du Bonheur » by Rasilbek ESTEMESOV at Le Salon du Portrait:

2023 November 24th-26th
Bastille Design Center
74, bd Richard Lenoir 75011 PARIS

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