Xuanjue Tong

Xuanjue Tong, digital artist born in China and currently living in Japan

He creates a variety of works based on 3D digital art, including illustrations, NFT and animations.


He graduated from Tsinghua University, with both chemistry and Art degrees. Coming from a scientific background, he reflects rational thinking in abstraction and use realistic expressions to depict fantastical scenes.

Upside-down dreams; indescribable encounters while traveling; his works features with warmth mixed with hint of sadness and a touch of loneliness under bright colors, which make you pause in the midst of paradox and absurdity.

Prizes and exhibitions:

the 49th MAF Prize from NFT Art Festival Tokyo 2022, artworks are exhibted in Harajuku, Tokyo, in Japan.

Brozen Prize from JIA Illustration Award 2022, artworks been traveling exhibted in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, in China.

Nominated by Shibuya Art Awards 2022, artworks exhibited in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and on-line digital Art space. 

Artworks are exhibited in Salon international du portrait 2023, Paris, France.